Rent a cottage of superior class with all comfort. Suited also for company seminars and recreational purposes. Accommodation is for 5-12 persons per cottage.

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Change of visitors on saturday.
The cabin is in visitors’ use:
– during the day of arrival starting from 16:00 hours
– during the day of departure until 12:00
Weekend reservations until sunday 18:00.

The cabin price includes the use of a rowing boat and the firewood.

Additional fees for:
– The linen €12.50/person
–  boat engine € 10/hr + fuel cost
– fishing gear € 3.50/hr
– bicycle € 15/day
– End-of-stay clean-up 65-80 €
– guided tours per agreement
– adventure services per agreement
– catching crayfish per agreement
– food and meal services per agreement


Ask about booking a cabin:

Mika Merilä
Tel: (02) 256 8604
GSM: 0400 534 973